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Prieur 749, RPC I 4005, Cohen 15; courtesy Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. 12 Octavian’s sister Octavia with her husband Mark Antony. A silver cistophoric tetradrachm, minted in Ephesus, 39 BC. RPC 2202, RSC 3, Sydenham 1198; courtesy Numismatik Lanz München. 13 The goddess Diana, possibly with the features of Augustus’ daughter Julia. Silver denarius minted 13 BC. RIC I 403, BMCRE 104, RSC 1; courtesy Freeman and Sear. 14 Julia’s second husband, Marcus Agrippa. Copper as, minted under Agrippa’s grandson Caligula, c.

28 With Agrippa’s defeat of Mark Antony at the battle of Actium in 31 BC, Octavian became the undisputed master of the Roman world. In 27, he was granted all the powers and titles that made his position official. His name even changed. He was no longer called Octavianus; he was Imperator Caesar Augustus. ” “Caesar” was the family name inherited from Julius Caesar, though it would become a title for future emperors and princes. “Augustus” meant “sacred” or “revered” and was also used by later emperors.

20 Portrait of Livia on a provincial bronze coin (diameter 27 mm) minted in Augusta, Cilicia, under Tiberius, c. AD 14–37. The coin’s legend is in Greek. RPC 4006, SNG Levante 1240, SNG von Aulock 5533; courtesy Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. 21 The deified Livia as Pax (Peace) on a bronze dupondius minted under Claudius, c. AD 41–42. RIC I 101 (Claudius), BMCRE 224 (Claudius), Cohen 93; courtesy Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. 22 Statues of the deified Livia and Augustus in their temple as depicted on a bronze sestertius, minted by Antoninus Pius (reigned AD 138–161), c.

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