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By Nikolai N. Korpan (auth.), Nikolai N. Korpan MD, PhD (eds.)

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5. Vascular volume and permeability after cryosurgery of the tumor. Vascular volume (e), vascular permeability (0) . Mean ± SE .......... ::t. , c D rTo 1:) o .......... 'oh 0"- ... 'r lu· ,. - V ascular p'r··' aD I , · , -<>- I... 0 1:) Ql u >E m ! 1 '" Ql I... 10 C ::l L. 0 o 2 4 a T i me after i nject i on ( hr ) Fig. 4. Adriamycin concentration in the tumor after cryosurgery. Combined cryosurgery and adriamycin (e), adriamycin alone (0). Mean ± SE a::'" 0 48 24 7 5 Time after cryosurgery (hr ) 2 3 Fig.

Dilley AV, Dy DY, Warlters A, Copeland 5, Gillies AE, Morris RW, Gibb DB, Cook TA, Morris DL. Laboratory and animal model evaluation of the Cryotech LCS 2000 in hepatic cryotherapy. Cryobiology 1993; 30 (1): 74-85. 12. Edmunds TB Jr, Schulsinger DA, Durand DB, Waltzer we. Acute histologic changes in human renal tumors after cryoablation. J Endourol 2000; 14 (2): 139-143. 13. El-Shakhs SA, Shirni SA, Cuschieri A. Effective hepatic cryoablation: does it enhance tumor dissemination? World J Surg 1999; 23 (3): 306310.

The comparison of the results obtained in the experiments with the conditions of cryosurgical operations is of special interest. The posterior surface of the prostate is known to lie in immediate proximity to the rectal wall. Normally this distance is less than 10 mm (Fig. 4). When performing radical cryosurgical operations on a prostate, the external border of an ice ball (visible under ultrasound guidance) corresponds to the external borders of the prostate, following its shape (Fig. 5). The -40°C isotherm, however, which is the border of a destructive zone, encircles the inner area of an ice ball 1012 mm from the outer surface of an ice ball seen under ultrasound guidance, the peripheral parts of a prostate remaining outside the critical isotherm (Fig.

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