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Halbseitenlahmung: Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Die aktuelle Neuauflage dieses bewährten Ratgebers greift inzwischen professionell weiterentwickelte Strategien im therapeutischen Umgang mit Patienten auf und zeigt, wie Betroffene sie mit Unterstützung der Angehörigen oder anderer Bezugspersonen auch zuhause in den Alltag integrieren können. Das großzügig angelegte, intestine lesbare und reichlich mit Fotos ausgestattete Buch ist eine für Betroffene und Helfer gleichermaßen leicht zugängliche und informative Lektüre, die viel zum partnerschaftlichen Miteinander in der Therapie und in der gemeinsamen Gestaltung des Alltags beiträgt.

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Physiotherapy administration of Haemophilia offers a accomplished evaluate of the physiotherapy therapy innovations and administration thoughts at the moment to be had that may be included into the administration courses for sufferers with haemophilia. it truly is written through physiotherapists with a huge variety of expertise of haemophilia, in line with their scientific adventure and supported by way of facts from the appropriate literature.

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Its ouler fa)~ei: (~ -pe-i::nl-eat-e-(Ch~);-'-GTood vessels (Fig. ;e,:sian eLl m\ls '\Il'(Cc',~,~~,6~,lir~~Lt(? 1('-li~ ,I)one .. ". Gc;'n-c'''du'i-ing gro\Vtl~, . ",.. '-""'-"""~""""""" -""" . - which m":Cco\;'cr'ccT'witTl arlicufm- cartilage. alse),. ioli"-e"lisctlTfec! osteoela-sfs: both of which i m pOI:f~li1i'I~(;fc's"'Ttl-dlc'l~cm odc ling aMi1~ir"(:cso I' of bone . - - -• • - and ,'cRail'. (ostcoblasls). \ } , l ,~. \. , Keaveny. , er a/. (1994). Form and funcrion of bone. R. ). Orthopaedic Basic Science (pp.

Surpassed the time for the bone remodeling process to pre- Case Study Figure 2-1-1A. Abnormal loads at the femoral shaft occurred. ,'. 3 m Injury Repetition The interplay of load and repetition is represented on a fatigue curve. • abnormally high loads to be imposed, and n fatigue damage accumulation occurs that Illav lead to a fracture. Bone may fail on the tensil~ side, on the compressive side, or on both sides. Failure on the tensile side resulls in a transverse crack, and the bone proceeds rapidly to complete fracture.

Examples are fractures of the b or thCfifth metatarsal adjacent to the attachm of the pe-roneus brevis tendon and fractt,lres the calcaneus adjacent to the attachment of AchUlqs tendon. Figure 2-18 shows a tensile frac through the calcaneus; intense contraction of triceps surae muscle produces abnormall,Y high sile loads on the bone. sil~l(),l(ling, the .. Compression Tension • • Shear I'~. - 1 Bending Combined loading _ Schematic representation of various loading modes. DUling compressive loading, equal ~nd opposite lO are applied toward the surface of the structure compressive stress and strain.

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