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By A. Heyting, N. G. De Bruijn, J. De Groot, A. C. Zaanen

Bibliotheca Mathematica: a chain of Monographs on natural and utilized arithmetic, quantity V: Axiomatic Projective Geometry, moment variation makes a speciality of the rules, operations, and theorems in axiomatic projective geometry, together with set concept, prevalence propositions, collineations, axioms, and coordinates. The booklet first elaborates at the axiomatic procedure, notions from set idea and algebra, analytic projective geometry, and occurrence propositions and coordinates within the airplane. Discussions specialize in ternary fields hooked up to a given projective aircraft, homogeneous coordinates, ternary box and axiom approach, projectivities among traces, Desargues' proposition, and collineations. The ebook takes a glance at occurrence propositions and coordinates in house. subject matters contain coordinates of some extent, equation of a aircraft, geometry over a given department ring, trivial axioms and propositions, 16 issues proposition, and homogeneous coordinates. The textual content examines the elemental proposition of projective geometry and order, together with cyclic order of the projective line, order and coordinates, geometry over an ordered ternary box, cyclically ordered units, and basic proposition. The manuscript is a precious resource of knowledge for mathematicians and researchers attracted to axiomatic projective geometry.

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I n $(£>J), D9 is a theorem. P R O O F . First generalize Dl to Z)g* in the obvious way. We wish to prove dD9 as formulated in the proof of Th. 15. Apply D\* to A1B1C2\A2B2C1\C3\b2a2c1\b1a1c2\a3b3l. We obtain points Pl9 Picb2> P 2 , P3 and a line m9 such t h a t bl9 m; P2ea29 al9 m; P3ecl9 c29 m. I t follows t h a t Px = B39 P2 = a3; m = c3; P3e cl9 c29 c3. This proves dD9. B y the dual of Th. 15, D9 holds in %(dD9). Definition. If P is a fixed point and s a given line, then D11(P9 s) is Z ) n with the additional conditions 0 = P9 I = s (in the standard notation; see after Th.

It follows that the points of intersection 50 INCIDENCE PROPOSITIONS IN THE PLANE B2 M Br-A P Fig. 17. KA**B*

We prove first t h a t φΧ is independent of the choice of ll9 then t h a t it is independent of the choice of 5 X ; we m a y assume t h a t Χφ09 U9 A. a). Choose Z2 Φ Z, through 0, not through 5 X . S1A nl2 = A29 S1Xnl2 = X29A2A'nS1U = S3. X" = y>X = X2S3n Z. Apply the Generalized Desargues' Theorem to the points A'A1A2\X'X1X2\ 0 and the lines SXA9A'A29 AfAl9 {S^, X'X29 X'Xl9\l, h, Z2. There exist points P9 Q9 R and a line m such t h a t P € S^4, S ^ , m; Q € i4'i4 a , X ' Z 2 , m; R e A'Al9 X'Xl9 m.

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