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By Maurice Balme, Gilbert Lawall, Luigi Miraglia, Tommaso Francesco Borri

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PREPARING THE QUEST: TESTS AND METHODOLOGY 37 examples nor any arguments to support her claim. In my own data I found the following NGT sentence in (9). In this sentence, at least on the basis of the meaning, the verb ROEPEN clearly does not function as a separate predicate. (9) rightASKsigner rightATTRACT. ” ’ (NGT) I presume that examples like (9) are quite rare because I found only one example uttered by one informant in my own data, and Bos mentions no examples at all. Moreover, when I discussed this phenomenon with the informant that expressed the sentence, he told me that he could use ROEPEN only in combination with other utterance verbs, not with the NGT verbs for ‘to know’, ‘to see’, or ‘to want’, for example.

B. ’ (NGT) Besides predicates that use two locations that express verbal agreement there are also predicates that have only one location that expresses agreement. Whether this one location denotes subject or object agreement depends on the phonological specification of the verb root (Zwitserlood 2003, Zwitserlood et al. 2003). Location as it plays its role in the pronominal and verbal agreement system thus constitutes a morpheme rather than a phoneme. The same holds for hand configuration. In predicates that express the motion, location, and existence of a referent the hand configuration is not established in the phonological specification of the verb’s root (Zwitserlood 2003, Zwitserlood et al.

In other signed languages, it could be the case that clauses are syntactically dependent without negation being possible across both clauses. Still, the duration of the non-manual negation marker is something to take into account when looking at potential complement clauses. g. Form of the embedded verb Non-finite verb forms can only occur in dependent clauses16. This can be seen in example (18). (18) a. b. *Simon to win the tennis league. Wil wants Simon to win the tennis league. Where non-finite verb forms occur, there is therefore evidence that the clause is dependent.

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