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The ROL instruction simply reverses the rotation, to the left instead of the right. The two SHIFT instructions ASL and LSR work in almost the same way, except that although the end bit winds up in the carry bit as above, zero, instead of whatever was in the carry bit, is always rotated into the number. These four SHIFT instructions are used to multiply or divide by powers of 2, since by rotating bits to the left, we double a number, and by rotating bits to the right, we effectively divide a number by 2.

The program counter is a 16-bit register because it must be able to point to every memory location in the computer. As we learned in Chapter 2, 16 bits are required in order to address 65,536 memory locations, so the program counter must be 16 bits wide. Remember, the program counter always points to the next instruction to be executed . THE STACK POINTER Before we continue our tour of the 6502, how about stopping for lunch? ). First let's get a tray and silverware. Let's see ... anything else we need before going through the line?

Of course, we could just as easily have used either the accumulator or the Y register to accomplish the above goal in the same fashion. Learning Assembly Language 42 One very common use of the LOAD and STORE instructions is to transfer the values stored in one or more memory locations into different locations . For example, LDA STA LDA STA $5982 $0243 $4903 $82 ;get the 1st value ;transfer it ;get the 2nd ;and so on ... In Chapter 7, we'll see how to use this type of routine to write subroutines which can speed up your BASIC programs amazingly.

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