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By J. F. A. K. Van Benthem (auth.), Uwe Mönnich (eds.)

This quantity constitutes the complaints of a workshop on formal seman­ tics of average languages which used to be held in Tiibingen from the first to the third of December 1977. Its major physique involves revised types of many of the papers awarded on that celebration. 3 supplementary papers (those by way of Gabbay and Sma through) are incorporated simply because they appear to be of specific curiosity of their respective fields. the world coated via the paintings of students engaged in philosophical good judgment and the formal research of typical languages testifies to the dwell­ liness in these disciplines. it's going to were very unlikely to attempt at a whole documentation of appropriate examine in the limits imposed by way of a brief convention while focus on a unmarried subject may have conveyed the misunderstanding of uniformity international to a tender and energetic box. it truly is was hoping that the essays amassed during this quantity strike an inexpensive stability among the 2 extremes. the themes mentioned right here definitely belong to an important ones having fun with the eye of linguists and philosophers alike: the research of demanding in formal and common languages (van Benthem, Gabbay), the speedy increasing area of generalized quantifiers (Goldblatt), the matter of vagueness (Kamp), the attached parts of pronominal reference (Smaby) and presupposition (von Stechow) and, final yet now not least, modal common sense as a type of all-embracing theoretical framework (Bressan). The workshop which ended in this assortment shaped a part of the actions celebrating the five hundredth anniversary of Tiibingen University.

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T if Li! (y) = Liz (y) = T; otherwise F T if Li l (}') = T for all yE r ; otherwise F. '{/", (I';)(y) = T for every -V' E K,n(-V) - cf. 3); otherwise F. otherwise. 30 ALDO BRESSAN The designation rules for MU are again (6 1 ) to (6 8 ) where n runs over Z +. However rules (6 1 ) to (6 3 ) and (6 8 ) hold now only for t l' ... , tnE 1: V and toEfv. N5 On absolute concepts. A double use of common nouns. Let us remember the definitions of modally constant relations of type t=(t1" .. ,tn) (MConst t or briefly MConst), modally separated relations (M Sep) and absolute relations (Abs) of type t : R" - cf.

1 holds also for ML CXJ and ML~. 4) below; this lambda expression will be THE MODAL CALCULI Me' AND Me" 53 denoted by the corresponding non-italicized symbol. 3) El =D(JeY')r EEl, Cl =D (Je Y')r EC/. 2 We may combine the aforementioned italicized symbols with one another and with terms ofML 00 (ML;) by means of =, - ,n, ... , s; (and E). g. fiinEI=St stands for (V1)(V1¢ln/\ VIEEI==VIESt) and St S; Et stands for (VI) (VI ESt ::J VI EE/). 1-4 the following is valid in MLoo and ML;. 4) El = El, CI = St =1= Cl, In = Cl, St = Cl n El.

Of course verbs such as to think or to fear cannot be translated (directly) into MU or ML~. N7 An axiom system for the logical calculus based on ML~ (ML V). MC~ (MC) Modus ponens is the only inference rule for Me', or MC~. We now write a set of axioms for MC which is taken substantially from [1, N12] and 35 THE MODAL CALCULI MC v AND Meoc> holds also for MC:. Then we add one axiom for MC:. Below cp, t/I, and X are arbitrary matrices and x, y, and Z are distinct variables; furthermore types are always understood to be such that the written expressions are well formed.

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