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By Wolfgang Schwarz, Jürgen Spilker

The topic of this booklet is the characterization of convinced multiplicative and additive arithmetical capabilities via combining equipment from quantity idea with a few uncomplicated principles from practical and harmonic research. The authors do so target through contemplating convolutions of arithmetical features, undemanding mean-value theorems, and houses of similar multiplicative services. in addition they end up the mean-value theorems of Wirsing and Hal?sz and learn the pointwise convergence of the Ramanujan growth. eventually, a few functions to energy sequence with multiplicative coefficients are incorporated, besides workouts and an intensive bibliography.

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3, with the mean - value 20 plotted inver­ sely ), and in 15 the 10 range 10001 s: n s: 10598 5 (see Figure I . 4 ) . 3. The Divisor Function in the range 1 ,; n ,; 298 . 300 Figure I. 4. 7. The following asymptotic formulae are true for the sor-function (a) t: t(n) = X. log X + ( 2t' - 1 ) . X + 0( rx ), L n,;x n- 1 (b) t(n) = � log2x + 2t' . e) . X . e 1, 2, .... = (a) The simple attempt of interchanging the order of summatio n, Proof. t(n) = = L d,;x L dl n 1 = Ld,;x Ln,;x, [x/d] = x · n=O mod d Ld,;x d-1 + O(x), gives a result that is definitely weaker than (a).

Is EULER's constant. 4) an asymptotic development of li by partial integrations, for example (with three main terms on right- hand side) : li x x·log- 1x x·log- 2 x 2·x·log - 3 x 0( x·log-4x ) . A . SELBERG, P . E RD OS showed i n 1948 (independently) that the number theorem may also be obtained by "elementary methods" , present one of these elementary proofs, due to H . DABOUSSI, in 11. § 9 . Rather simple, elementary methods lead to the estimates given below, which are frequently required. For proofs , see, for example, PRACHAR [1957] or S CHWARZ [1969].

13) is not sufficient, for example when consideration of larger values of q is unavoidable ; this occurs in problems from the additive theory of num­ bers. The sieve method ( V. BRUN , A. 8 . Exercise s 39 some constant "( ( which, in fact, may be taken to be 2, as long as q < ll·x for some positive constant ll ). See, for example, MoNT­ aoMERY [19711, HALBERSTAM & RICHERT [ 1974 ], or SCHWARZ [ 1974]. Another deep and extremely useful result is the prime number theorem of E. B oM BIERI and A. I.

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