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By Herbert W. Ockerman

This new version of a well-respected reference brings jointly, in a single position, info at the complete box of animal by-products processing and usage. The book's contents conceal either suitable for eating and non-edible items, by-products of seafood and chook as well as beef, medicinal and pharmaceutical processing and usage of animal by-products, and animal product waste disposal, processing, aid and usage. specific consciousness has been paid to new items for the rendering undefined, and to issues over new animal illnesses, which would good be transferred via feeding low-temperature rendered items to animals.

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6 Stomach 64 Lungs 26 Intestines Mesentery fat 123 69 British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association (1978).  American Meat Institute, Washington.  American Meat Institute, Washington.  Institute of Meat Packing, University of Chicago, Chicago.  Fleischwirtsch 64 (3) 334.  Advances in Meat Research 5,381.  British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association, Leatherhead, Surrey.  Department of Commerce, Washington.  Aero Publishers, Fallbrook, California.  University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

1 — — Tr. Tr. C13:0 Tr. 1 — — — — C13:1 Tr. — — — — — — — Tr. 2 Tr. 1 — — — Tr. 7 Tr.  = trace.  (1980).  Cholesterol Content. Cholesterol (mg/100 g meat) Variety Meat Treatment Brain Raw Heart, beef Cooked 270 Kidney Raw 375 Kidney Cooked 800 Lard Rendered Liver Raw 300 Liver, beef Cooked 435 Liver, calf Cooked 435 Liver, lamb Cooked 435 Liver, pork Cooked 435 Sweetbreads Raw 260 Tongue Raw 180 Tripe Raw 95 Muscle Beef, Pork, Lamb Raw >2,000 95–240 59–79 Ockerman (1983, 1996), USDA (1963).  In addition to being utilized fresh and frozen, a few of these items are cured and/or smoked and/or pickled and/or canned.

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