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By Kenzō Adachi (auth.), Saburou Saitoh, Nakao Hayashi, Masahiro Yamamoto (eds.)

Analytic Extension is a mysteriously appealing estate of analytic capabilities. With this viewpoint in brain the comparable survey papers have been amassed from a number of fields in research comparable to crucial transforms, reproducing kernels, operator inequalities, Cauchy rework, partial differential equations, inverse difficulties, Riemann surfaces, Euler-Maclaurin summation formulation, numerous complicated variables, scattering conception, sampling conception, and analytic quantity conception, to call a few.
Audience: Researchers and graduate scholars in advanced research, partial differential equations, analytic quantity idea, operator conception and inverse problems.

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0:N), Lov=v"-~v. Then Lemma 1. A> A. t Xj j=l OV OX I OV 0V 1 (x, t) OX. A, x, t)v(x, t) +A;(A, x, t) ax; 2} , (x, t) E Q(c), 1 :S i :S N, 32 where A;(,\,·,·) , B;(,\, ·, ·) E £010 (0 x (-T, T)), 1 :S i :S N. g. 9) are sufficient for our purpose. 1. l, ... N+d C {(x,t);x E rn;N, t E IP;} . NH(x,t) N, (x,t) E (8flx(-T,T))n8Q(c). N+l V(v)d(J" [-T, T]). ;X; (IV'vl 2-lv 12) 1 OV ) ( "N" ' XOV j--ox· ox. ;v 2 , (x, t) E 8Q(c), 1 :S i :S N. By the density of C 2 (IT x [-T, T]) in H 2 (fl x (-T, T)) and the forms of U;(v), 1 :S i :S Nand V(v), we can see Lemma 2.

12], [13]) that A(n) being of finite dimension n implies that n is a quadrature domain of order n. Continuing the example, we show that not only does (kz, 1} = -xn(z) have an analytic continuation up to the zeros of p(z) when n is a quadrature domain, but also kz itself has such a continuation, as an element of H(n). 2) we have, for z ¢ n and regarding functions of (as elements in H(n), kz(() 1 = (-z 1 1 q((,z) = (-z -p(()· p(z)((-z) = p(z)' where q((,z) = _p(()- p(z)' (-z a polynomial of degree n - 1 in each of ( and z.

Davis, The Schwarz function and its applications, Carus Math. Mono. vol. 17, Math. Assoc. , 1974. (7] B. Gustafsson, Quadrature identities and the Schottky double, Acta Appl. Math. 1 (1983), 209-240. (8] B. Gustafsson and M. Putinar, An exponential transform and regularity of free boundaries in two dimensions, Ann. Sc. Norm. Sup. Pisa, 26 (1998), 507-543. (9] B. Gustafsson and M. Putinar, An exponential transform in higher dimension, in preparation. (10] L. Karp and A. Margulis, On the Newtonian potential theory for unbounded sources and its applications to free boundary problems, J.

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