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Yes, for premature babies. ' She saw that she wasn't going to be told more and asked idly if he had enjoyed the drive down from town. `Yes, it's a different world, isn't it? Last time I saw you, you were making a water garden. ' They turned to their neighbours presently, and then everyone left the table to stand around talking, or walked in the large formal garden, and it was there that Sybil found him presently. `Darling, we simply must leave. I'm so bored. ' When he looked at her, she added, 'Oh, darling, don't look like that.

Professor James Forsyth, on his morning round one Saturday morning, was called to the phone. 'An urgent message,' Sister had told him. It was Sybil. 'James, darling, you're free this afternoon and tomorrow, aren't you? I simply must go to Netherby. I've bought a present for Coralie and Greg and it's too large to send. Will you be an angel and drive me down this afternoon? I promise you we won't stay, and we can come straight back and dine somewhere. I thought tomorrow we might go to Richmond Park.

Even if she didn't speak to him, it would have been nice just to see the Professor again... Professor Forsyth, giving last-minute instructions to Mrs Twist, firmly suppressed his disappointment at not seeing Philly. He really must forget the girl, he told himself, and dismissed her from his thoughts--although she persisted in staying at the back of his mind, to pop up whenever he had an unguarded moment. He must see more of Sybil. He took time off which he could ill spare to take her out to dine and dance, to see the latest plays and visit friends and found that nothing helped.

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