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Genomosperma kidstonii. A, seed in median longisection. B-J, successive transections of seed at levels indicated by b-j in A. (all after Long, 1960a). furnished by Xenotheca devonica, Hydrasperma tenuis from Ireland and Archaeosperma amoldii (Fig. 1F). Similar more evolved Carboniferous seeds include Genomospe rma latens (Long, 1961) w here the integumentary lobes are fused up to two thirds of their length from the base and free above (Fig. 5B-E). At the distal end of the seed the integumentary processes coalesce to form a rudimentary composite micropyle.

Mm - megaspore membrane. n - nucellus. pc - pollen chamber. pl- pollen. pr - female gametophyte. s - salpinx. se - sclerotesta. vb - vascular bundle. w - wing. which become hooked to the whip-like processes. Chaloner (1967) mentions a Hong Kong Selaginella whose megaspores reportedly carry its microspores enmeshed in their exine processes in a "vulcro-like" attachment so that they can germinate close by. Pant and Mishra (1986) reported a fossil megaspore which showed a miospore enmeshed in its processes and they thought that the processes made such captive microspores readily available for germination in close proximity.

They are flattened and fused at the base to form a cupule. The multiovulate cupules of Calathospermum jimbriatum (Bamard, 1960, Fig. 11A, J) and C ·lU---f- C9 E Fig. 6. Lagellostoma. A, reconstructed cupule of CalYlIlnzatotheca hOllinghausii showing the contained seed of Lagellostoma lomaxii. B, reconstructed cupule with front half removed to show the seed of L. ovoides. C, Vertically cut half of cupule and seed reconstructed to show details in longisectional view. D-G, successive transections of seed at levels indicated by d-g.

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