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By Hy Conrad

Study facts, search for clues, and use your powers of deduction to resolve greater than a dozen dastardly crimes. Following every one brief tale puzzle are 5 items of facts, together with such things as witness testimony, post-mortem and crime scene experiences, heritage exams, vehicle and apartment searches, and private results, for you to examine through turning to diversified pages of the publication. research all of them, or simply a number of, as a way to come to a end.

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Mm""Nmr~~'·mh,jmm''HN. 4 3 2 2 abc d e 12 ... tiJe3! d4 Volume Two. Since then, theory has developed considerably, and Black has found some interesting new ideas. ig2, which is examined in line A. 9 ... e6 Black's only sensible idea is to undermine the white centre as quickly as possible. lLlh4 This attempt to hold the centre allows Black serious counterplay. 10... cxdS 6••• 0-0 Another possible move order is: 6 ... 0-0 Play has transposed to line B2. 0-0. ib2 White's aim is to avoid problems on the long diagonal, but I have nevertheless found an interesting counter for Black.

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