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209 Pattern 28 White to play, Black dies This is similar to the previous pattern except that White now has the marked stone in place, so Black's position has worsened. In this case, White needn't settle for a ko: he can kill the black group. Solution 2. Three-space big eye After White 1 and Black 2, White can aim to connect underneath with 3. After Black 4, White will descend to 5 and answer Black 6 by attaching at 7. Now, if Black plays 'a', White has the cut at 'b'. If Black connects at b', White will crawl at 'a', killing black with a dead three-space big eye.

This is the vital point for Black to try and make two eyes. When Black plays 2, White will extend at 3. Solution 2. Entering in In answer to White 1, if Black blocks at 2, White enters at 3. Even if Black captures two stones at 'a', it should be obvious that White will throw in one space to the left of White 3, so Black dies. Failure. A trap White 1 also aims at reducing Black's eyespace, and this seems to be more faithful to the fundamentals of killing, but in this shape it's a trap. That is, Black will capture the two stones with Black 2 and, after White throws in, play 'a' and live.

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