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Q pY ' " -X >(X,Y) ,niX,y ) be such a d e s i n g u l a r i z a t i o n a) (X,Y) f:(X',Y') there can prove Proposition.

It follows from the previous Proposition that an ample Fano polarization defines an embedding S ~ IP5 onto a surface of degree 10 (a Fano model o f an Enriques surface). For example, if S does not contain smooth rational curves (it is called unnodal in this case), every Fano polarization is ample. Another example is a Reye congruence which is defined as the surface o f lines in lP ~ which are contained in a subpencil of a fixed web of quadrics satisfying a certain condition of regularity. This surface is a nodal Enriques surface and its Plficker embedding is defined by an ample Fano polarization.

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