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By the Great Alexander; the Great Alexander, Makedonien König Alexander III; Anson, Edward

Alexander the Great's lifestyles and profession are right here tested during the significant matters surrounding his reign. What have been Alexander's final goals? Why did he pursue his personal deification whereas alive? Did he truly set the realm in 'a new groove' as has been claimed via a few students? And used to be his dying common or the results of a murderous conspiracy? all the key issues, prepared as chapters, may be provided in Read more...


A cogent research of Alexander the Great's debatable career. Read more...

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4. 7; Aeschin. 2. 29). While Ptolemy of Alorus is called both epitropos and basileus by our sources, the ascription of epitropos, but not basileus, by the contemporary Aeschines indicates, along with the frequent use of the demotic, the marriages into the Argead clan, and the absence of coinage in his name, that he was never officially king, only regent. While the Macedonian king was in theory an autocrat, Macedonia was not a bureaucratic state. In fact, there was virtually no bureaucracy until the reigns of Philip and Alexander.

They were in a very real sense the government. They acted as the king’s ambassadors, military commanders, governors, religious representatives, and personal advisers. These hetairoi formed, apart from the king, the basic political institution of the Macedonian state (Stagakis 1962: 53–67; 1970: 86–102). Their relationship, however, with the king was regarded by them as personal, not institutional. The hetairoi were formally tied to the monarch by religious and social bonds; they sacrificed to the gods, hunted, drank, and fought with the king.

4–5 relates that “when (Perdiccas) . . fell in the action, Philip . . ” Moreover, the throne was contested by the sons of Archelaus, Pausanias and Argaeus (Diod. 16. 2. 6), and by Philip’s three half-brothers (Just. 7. 4. 5, 8. 3. 10; FGrH 115 F-27). There is in all of this no clear statement of the procedure by which Philip became king, and the resulting struggle for power involving so many claimants would suggest that there was no clear constitutional process either. However, it is claimed, based on another passage in Diodorus, that the people did formally select Philip as their king (Hammond and Griffith 1979: 160–1).

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