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The Art of Antiquity: Piet de Jong and the Athenian Agora

The records of the yank university excavations within the Athenian Agora comprise a striking sequence of watercolors and drawings—well over 400—by Piet de Jong, one of many best-known, such a lot designated, and influential archaeological illustrators of the 20 th century. They express landscapes, humans, and, primarily, items recovered in the course of many seasons of fieldwork at one of many longest continually working archaeological tasks in Greece.

Alexander The Great: The Invisible Enemy

В последние семь лет своей жизни, Александр Великий становился все более и более непредсказуемым, подверженным спорадическим приступам ярости или маниакальной подозрительности не только к врагам, но и друзьям. Эта биография наиболее известного завоевателя древности отличается от других своим детальным анализом психологического развития Александра.

Living in Ancient Greece

Specializes in a great interval set your time within the Classical interval of Perikles. This booklet examines a number of elements of everyday life throughout a variety of strata of Greek society, from the aristoi to the Metics and slaves; from meals to non secular ideals. it truly is important for college kids who are looking to research extra approximately residing in old Greece.

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Alexander Of Macedon: The Journey To World’s End Harold Lamb 1946 Early Novels Marching Sands House of the Falcon Biographical Narratives Genghis-Khan Tamerlane Nur Mahal Omar Khayyam: A Life Alexander of Macedon: The Journey to World’s End Historical Narratives The March of the Barbarians The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints The Crusades: The Flame of Islam For Children Durandal Kirdy: The Road Out of the World He lifted the civilised world out of one groove and set it in another; he started a new epoch; nothing could again be as it had been.

He tossed it back and continued his walk along the path in the glow of sunset. When he was out of hearing Ptolemy laughed. ” He considered his friend speculatively. “What are you, lad? Come now, let’s divide the truth. You’re Alexander certainly, and I think nearly full grown. You’re the only child of Olympias’ womb. Also the only sane and legitimate offspring of Philip. You’re human, judging by the blood that runs out of you it isn’t ichor by any means yet you seem to have a divine spark, bequeathed to you by Heracles or Achilles.

Alexander watched the horses, fascinated. Some of them were the largest he had ever seen, moving with a thrust of the haunches as if spurning the hillside down from them. Others moved nimbly, their small, delicate heads constantly upturned. Alexander had not seen such breeds as these before. They were finer than the best of the Thessalians. It did not take the boys long to learn that the strangers were ambassadors from the King of Asia Persians, the Greeks called them. Alexander hung around the entrance steps, staring, wanting to examine the equipment of the easterners but afraid to attract their attention.

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