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By Jane Rule

5 girls at serious crossroads of their lives come jointly during this gem of a unique set on an island off the coast of Vancouver

After the fireplace introduces a quintet of very assorted girls as they fight with abandonment, loss, and new beginnings—both jointly and on my own. there's Karen Tasuki, who lately separated from her accomplice and wonders if she’ll ever get used to being by myself . . . until eventually she befriends crimson, who cleans homes for the island’s privileged population. leave out James is the eccentric Southern spinster born on the flip of the century. Milly Forbes is a lady whose husband “went scot unfastened after stealing two decades of her life.” And the practical Henrietta “Hen” Hawkins yearns for her absent, ailing husband. On a rural island that they dub a “used-wife lot,” the 5 heroines nurture each other as they focus on loneliness, dying, and renewed lifestyles. Imbued with wit and compassion, After the fireplace is a unique approximately girls loving girls and ladies supporting women—and the bond that transcends age, race, or even gender.

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