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During this well timed quantity, editor Janice D Hamlet has selected essays which light up a number of features of African American tradition, refracted in the course of the lens of Afrocentric suggestion. The ebook examines: Afrocentric ideology and technique; Afrocentric methods to the dynamics of verbal exchange; the Afrocentric impact at the black aesthetic, with an exam of language, literature, oral culture, video clips and tv; and the way forward for Afrocentric visions.

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The parameters of the study are restricted by a specific hypothesis. On the other hand, the researchers creating practical knowledge allow the subjects to shape the knowledge of the study. Similarly, the types of methods and knowledge generated differ. When generating technical knowledge, survey research and statistical analysis tend to dominate, while in-depth interviews and participant observation used in the development of ethnographs represent the prevailing methods in the creation of practical knowledge.

This assumption is rooted in an Afrocentric perspective. It emphasizes the differences within Blacks and between Blacks and other groups of people as well as the similarities. If one looks at the descriptor ‘AfricanAmerican” it may help illuminate this point. The term African American suggests that the cultural heritage of Black Americans is both African and American resulting in a variation of African culture influenced significantly by living in America. However, one way an Afrocentric scholar might look at this relationship is by studying the effect of basic “American” values and/or its potential effect on African Afrocentrism and the Afrocentric Method 33 American life chances.

As he himself states, “My main intent is to be an acceptable vehicle for the transmission of their views” (Gwaltney, 1980: xxii). Their views that Gwaltney wanted to describe were not the put-on views, rather they were their everyday views. Gwaltney also argues that practical knowledge generated from and about Black people clearly point out the potential for theory building. According to Gwaltney, “An internally derived representative impression of core Black culture can serve as an anthropological link between private pain, indigenous, communal expression and the national marketplace of issues and ideas” (Gwaltney, 1980: xxvi).

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