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By Dennis C. Dickerson

In the course of many of the 20th century, Archibald J. Carey, Sr. (1868-1931) and Archibald J. Carey, Jr. (1908-1981), father and son, exemplified a mix of ministry and politics that many African American non secular leaders pursued. Their sacred and secular issues merged in efforts to enhance the religious and fabric health in their congregations. yet as political alliances turned important, either wrestled with ethical outcomes and sundry results. either have been ministers to Chicago's biggest African Methodist Episcopal Church congregations-- the senior Carey as a bishop, and the junior Carey as a pastor and an attorney.

Bishop Carey linked himself often with Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson, a Republican, whom he awarded to black electorate as an best friend. whilst the mayor appointed Carey to the city's civil provider fee, Carey helped within the hiring and advertising of neighborhood blacks. yet alleged impropriety for promoting jobs marred the bishop's tenure. The junior Carey, additionally a Republican and an alderman, turned head of the panel on anti-discrimination in employment for the Eisenhower management. He aided innumerable black federal staff. even if an influential benefactor of middle and SCLC, Carey linked to infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and compromised help for Martin Luther King, Jr. either Careys believed politics provided clergy the easiest possibilities to empower the black inhabitants. Their imperfect alliances and combined effects, besides the fact that, proved the complexity of mixing the geographical regions of spirituality and politics.

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Both whites and blacks who sought the votes of the freed people promised land reform, publicly funded education, and protection of civil rights. Southern white Democrats, whether under the sympathetic policies of President Andrew Johnson or while subject to the punitive initiatives of Congress’s Radical Republicans, nevertheless remained important players in state politics. In some states, their strategies brought them back to power before the end of the 1860s, but in the Carolinas, Florida, and Louisiana, Reconstruction lasted until 1876.

Jenifer had led Quinn Chapel to build a magnificent edifice at Twenty-fourth and Wabash. Finished in 1893 at a cost of fifty-five thousand dollars, the church added a pipe organ, stained glass windows, and other expensive fixtures over the rest of the decade. The resulting debts were so onerous that in 1898 the church faced foreclosure on its mortgage. Bishop Benjamin W. 5 Carey arrived to find his new congregation forty-eight thousand dollars in debt and quickly mobilized members to pay off that sum.

Carey Jr. back to the North Georgia Annual Conference, assigning him to a pastorate on the Thomasville Circuit. 12 Jefferson Carey Jr. may have had mixed feelings about his transfer out of the North Georgia Annual Conference. Just as he ended his service in this diocese, his son, Archibald J. Carey, was admitted as a ministerial candidate. Jefferson Sr. had greatly aided his son’s ministry and his grandson’s rearing. While Jefferson Jr. traveled, Jefferson Sr. oversaw Archibald’s upbringing in Atlanta, and both father and grandfather were proud in 1888 when Archibald graduated from Atlanta University, a school with ties to the Freedmen’s Bureau and the Congregational Church that had been founded in 1865 by the American Missionary Association.

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