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It boasted a piquant sense of humour such as only a gallant but long-oppressed people can display. Within a very few days of the German announcement of finding the Katyn graves, the underground army had printed thousands of wall posters, identical in style and language to those posted by the Nazi occupation authorities in the Generalgouvernement of Poland. Parallel Polish and German texts announced: Proclamation No. 35 of the Generalgouvernement Administration (Central Propaganda Office): At the suggestion of the Central Propaganda Office of the Generalgouvernement, a committee of representatives of the Polish public travelled to Smolensk on April 11 to see for themselves the bestialities perpetrated by the Soviet assassins of the Polish people.

1 Macfarlane could hardly play host to both the Polish and the Russian parties; indeed if they should chance to meet under his roof it would produce a most embarrassing scene. The result was a Whitehall farce without precedent in diplomacy, and a hilarious opening to a day that was to end in tragedy. The British Governor had no difficulty in choosing which of the two prospective guests he preferred. 4 He could then fly straight on to Cairo a few hours after his arrival. M. on this Saturday afternoon; General Mason-Macfarlane asked Lubienski to meet him on the airfield then.

511 Squadron’s maintenance unit was commanded by Sergeant Norman Moore, an expert in Liberators, who had been to California for the Liberator maintenance course run by the manufacturers. He and ten airmen of his unit had been waiting to service the Liberator as it arrived that Saturday afternoon. There were three corporals in his unit: Davis was the fitter, Hopgood was the electrician and Alexander was instruments. O. 14 Davis drew up a list of the airmen who were to guard the aircraft and told each man how long he was to be on guard and who would be relieving him.

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