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By Tyler Kord, William Wegman

Tyler Kord is chef-owner of the lauded No. 7 restaurant and No. 7 Sub shops in big apple. He is also a fabulously neurotic man who directs his energy into careless ruminations on sandwich philosophy, love, self-loathing, pay telephones, getting under the influence of alcohol within the bathe, Tom Cruise, nutrition ethics, and what it truly is like having  the names of 2 various girls tattooed in your body. Most of these ruminations additionally take place to be  truly excellent recipes, like roast red meat with crispy shallots and smoky French dressing, or a incredible mayonnaise that tastes precisely like pho. [Tyler, you by no means did end writing that fried squid recipe even though. you recognize that, correct? -Ed.] this is often his first ebook. if you are going to buy it, you could help in making convinced it will not be his final.

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But also, I won’t be mad if your food doesn’t look like mine, and neither should you. I used to think that cooking from books was lame, but I recently cooked a recipe that my girlfriend’s mother gave me. Because I was following somebody else’s instructions to the letter, the most miraculous thing happened: my apartment smelled like somebody else was cooking. Being able to follow a recipe is like being able to read music, and you should feel free to make it your own a little, because nobody will mind if you like your broccoli a little more cooked than I do.

So if you are worried that your chicken is carrying the salmonella virus, then maybe you want to add more water and keep cooking it. I do not take salmonella lightly, but that’s why I’m super anal about cleaning, avoiding cross-contamination, and buying nice poultry. I’ve never had salmonella and don’t plan on it. I’m not telling you that if you follow this recipe you will definitely not get salmonella, but I am saying that if you cook your chicken to 165°F, you will find out why many chefs think that boneless, skinless chicken breasts are not good.

But the best hot roast beef sandwich in New York—and this is totally just my stupid opinion—is at Defonte’s in Red Hook. They take a chunk of roast beef out of a steam table, slice it, spoon on some jus, and top it with a thin sliver of cold fried eggplant and some fresh mozzarella cheese. I want one now so bad. This is my ode to that most perfect of beef sandwiches. 2 pounds meaty bones* 2 broccoli stems, cut into ½-inch disks 1 medium onion, halved 1 2-inch piece of ginger, cut into chunks and smashed 2 garlic cloves, smashed 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (optional) 1 tablespoon yellow miso paste 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 cups Roasted Onions 1 pound Roast Beef, sliced thin 4 kaiser rolls, cut open 1 6-ounce (or so) ball of fresh mozzarella, cut into 8 slices 1 cup drained Pickled Bean Sprouts Fresh dill to taste Fresh cilantro to taste Preheat the oven to 375°F.

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