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By John W. I. Lee

Professor Lee offers a social and cultural historical past of the Cyreans, the mercenaries of Xenophon's Anabasis. whereas they've got frequently been portrayed as a unmarried summary political neighborhood, this ebook finds that existence within the military was once quite often formed by means of a collection of smaller social groups: the formal unit service provider of the lochos ('company'), and the casual comradeship of the suskenia ('mess group'). It comprises complete therapy of the environmental stipulations of the march, ethnic and socio-economic kin among the warriors, gear and shipping, marching and camp behaviour, consuming and consuming, sanitation and treatment, and lots of different issues. It additionally accords particular cognizance to the non-combatants accompanying the warriors. It makes use of historical literary and archaeological facts, historical and glossy comparative fabric, and views from army sociology and smooth warfare reports. This publication is vital interpreting for somebody engaged on old Greek conflict or on Xenophon's Anabasis.

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Tuplin (1991) 54–5. An. 17. Xenophon calls the Chalybian settlements polismata, perhaps indicating their larger size; the Chalybians’ vigorous defense, at any rate, suggests they fielded many warriors. 100 An. 17–18. An. 25. Death: An. 1–3 (it is unclear whether the village chieftain here believed the Cyreans’ claim that they were in Persian service; cf. 19–21. Artuchas: An. 13). 4–5. Tiribazus concluded 34 A Greek Army on the March Both Artuchas and Tiribazus fielded mixed cavalry and infantry forces, but neither was able to inflict the sort of damage that Tissaphernes had on the Tigris.

106 Their response must have been hampered by the surprise Cyrean advance and by the time it took to assemble from their scattered homes. 107 After the Cyreans dispersed this coalition on the battlefield, its erstwhile members presented divergent challenges. 109 Not every locality was able or willing to resist. The Cyreans represented a gigantic force in sparsely populated central Anatolia. They probably outnumbered every tribal group or coalition they met between Carduchia and Trapezus, and possibly had more men in ranks than Artuchas and Tiribazus together.

5. Diplomatic relations: An. 7. 137 For the Cyreans, all these people meant consistent and abundant supplies, another nice change from Anatolia. 139 There were as well gifts of wine, enough to get every soldier in the army drunk several times over, and herds of sheep and cattle to barbecue. 140 The coastal peoples were also eager to make a profit from the Cyreans. 142 Where gifts or markets were absent or insufficient, the Cyreans fed off the countryside. 145 The Cotyorites soon relented, offering both xenia and a market.

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