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By Lynn Gordon

Turn an in-flight journal into an attractive video game, remodel your mid-flight snack into an fast murals: with fifty two how one can maintain little ones busy, chuffed, and occupied within the air or on the boarding terminal, this revised and up to date deck is the touring kid's crucial carry-on merchandise.

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Take a guess and then ask one of the flight attendants. Small and Big What’s the smallest means of transportation you can think of? What’s the biggest? Name all the different methods of transporting humans that you can think of, starting from the smallest and working up to the largest. Which mode of transport can go the highest? The deepest? The fastest? Which is loudest? Quietest? The most fun? The most boring? Hiding a Smile Place your hand in front of your mouth while making different facial expressions, from happy to sad, with grumpy and silly in between.

Keys, rings, your own hand, and all sorts of other things make interesting shapes when you draw around them. After filling a page with several different shapes, draw a picture that includes the stencils. Handful of Change Have a partner put a little change in your hand. Without looking, guess how much it is by figuring out which coins are quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies and then adding them up. Now it’s your turn to put some change (a different amount) in your partner’s hand. Imaginary Adventure Instead of being on your way to visit your grandmother in Detroit, imagine you are on a top secret adventure.

Connect them any way you want to make a picture. Take turns connecting them with a companion and see what kind of picture you get. Don’t tell each other what you are trying to draw! Or pick a dot in the middle and see if you can draw just one line through every dot without crossing any lines. Blow Race Put your tray table down and mash a piece of paper into a little ball. The goal of the game is to blow the ball off the opposite end of the tray before the other person blows it off the side near you.

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