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By Theo Papas

State. Freedom. Democracy.
How a lot could you sacrifice to guard them?

480 B. C.
Proud Xerxes, Emperor of Persia and King of Kings, invades Greece with one million infantrymen. He instructions hundreds of thousands of ships and is supported through dozens of allies, between them the captivating Queen Artemisia.
Against him stand a number of Greek combatants and decided males - Leonidas and his 300 Spartans on dry land, the personification of bravery and patriotism; and Themistocles and the fleet of Athens at the sea, the incarnation of ingenuity and process.
Can they cease him?


An epic publication in regards to the first nice struggle in background, a conflict that made up our minds the destiny of humanity, western civilization and democracy.
A tricky yet deeply human novel approximately honor, dignity and tragic love overwhelmed among the blade of a sword and the blood of conflict.

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The olive oil in the storerooms was used in the manufacture of perfume, just one of the industries that the palace supervised. State officials kept detailed records of economic transactions and ensured that taxes were collected. 6 View from Mycenae been generous, to judge from the size of the wine magazine. Perhaps religious festivals provided the justification for these feasts. Survey around the palace at Pylos has found evidence of settlement over an area of 20 to 30 hectares. Because there may well have been gaps between the houses, it is difficult to extrapolate a figure for the population.

Reconstruction of the cella of the temple of Athena at Tegea. Source: A. Stewart, Greek Sculpture: An Exploration (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990), fig. 541. © Yale University Press). Temple of Zeus at Nemea. Source: Photo courtesy of the author. Temple of Athena at Priene. Source: Photo courtesy of the author. Plan and elevation of the temple of Apollo at Didyma. Source: T. 34 Die Baubeschreibung (Berlin: Mann, 1941), pls. 148. Reconstruction of the altar of Zeus at Pergamon. Source: © bpk / Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Johannes Laurentius.

At an earlier stage, perhaps in LH IIIA, the two provinces may have been independent and were then unified, the culmination of a process which had started in the Early Mycenaean period. Similar territories could be envisaged for each of the other palaces, though the Argolid presents a problem because there is Tiryns as well as Mycenae. It seems unlikely that these two palaces were enemies, given their close proximity. They must surely have cooperated and may have been bound together politically.

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